Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Ach Bugger and the Island of Harris

Ach Bugger- one of our good friends has been diagnosed with cancer. Its interesting how someone else having cancer- especially a good friend seems a bigger deal than your own. It may be in part because the myeloma journey can be a long one and there is time to adjust to it and accommodate it and you forget the initial phase of diagnosis and immediate treatment. As I was saying before in earlier posts- I'm going through a survivor phase and Elspeth and I are aware that some of our friends may be suffering from myeloma fatigue, IE that I'm still here despite various points where I thought I might not be and friends might have built themselves up for all eventualities at different points in the journey. But when a good friend is diagnosed it still is quite a shock.

On a cheerier note- one of our other friends is going off to the island of Harris ( complete with fiddle and wife- in that order I think). I pointed out to him that I'd seen reference in one of the newspapers to the fact a committee on Harris had been stood down with the sub heading " Last Quango in Harris".

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Don said...

I had to look up Quango in Wikipedia. Cute.