Friday, 30 January 2009

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Decision has now been made that the thalidomide treatment I have been having is of no benefit and has now been stopped. My paraprotein continues to rise and is now at 50. Unfortunately, I've tried all the other available treatments and in short I will from now on be having no treatment at all. This means I'm moving away from therapeutic care to palliative care. For that reason I think I'll stop writing the blog as it was always meant to give an insight in to my experience of treatment for myeloma. Moving to palliative care is a wee bit different. So- all the best to all- you can of course contact me by email if you want. Or if you use Skype I can be called on stewart.asquith and Elspeth on elspeth52 Interesting to note that since I started writing the blog there have been about 10,000 hits from all over the world. Maybe someone else will write a blog.


isabel said...

i am sorry to hear about the thalidomide. it was a pleasure reading your blog and you gave me inspiration, i am just starting out on my journey and hope i can remain as positive as you. take care and i will always think of you positively.

Cameron said...

Hi Stewart

Thanks for your interesting and inspiring blogs. I hope you are fit enough to keep up the renovation work on your beloved Moultons. I'm not sure if this merits a thank you or not but for some inexplicable reason I always now check the Brechin City result on a Saturday night. Seriously thinking about seeking help! Looking forward to sending you a congratutory note when they get promotion.

Stay strong



Don said...

I'll miss your blogging. I wish you well and wellness.

sandi said...

Will miss your blogs....lots of fantastic reading though for anyone about to start on Revlimid....or about to install solar panels for that matter ;)

You are an inspiration.
Take care and thank you

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you for your very encouraging and courageous blog.. I will miss it so.. sending very sincere wishes to you, stay strong and well Stewart.

Sincerely Susie Hemingway Moursi