Saturday, 29 November 2008

Clinic, Moultons and nurses leaving

Went to clinic on Thursday and not unexpectedly my paraprotein is up again- last month it went up 6. This month its has gone up 8 so I'm now at 34. Again the discussion was about whether I should have some form of treatment or not and again the decision is that as I still feel relatively well I'll wait another month. So next clinc will be the next decision point- and its xmas eve!! Sods law has set in as after speaking at the clinic about feeling relatively well, it now appears I have one of my rib problems again- we'll see if it clears up before I seek further help. But we've also now met with the District nurse ( who for some reason I kept referring to as the midwife!) and spoken about how to handle various things down the line.

But I'm still working away and working on the bathroom renovation and more importantly( though Elspeth might not agree) and well through the restoration of my 40 year old Moulton bicycle which I picked up for £31!. Amazing bikes and one of the first bikes to have dual suspension ( Alex Moulton worked on the suspension for the minis. Hoping to finish its restoration in the next week- resprayed, new bottom bracket, new suspension pivot etc etc. All good fun. Quite interesting that now that I'm more sore because of the myeloma and might have a rib issue again, I now feel the need to finish things I take on more quickly- just in case I suddenly reach the point where I can't!.

One of the nurses who saw me through the velcade and revlimid trials has left haematology at WGH and it has made me realise just how much nursing staff and others involved with my care have become friends after attending the same ward for 5 years. I can't imagine not becoming friends with some of them because 5 years is a long time. Interesting to know how nurses feel about this aspect of the nursing relationship ( I know some nurses on a course are reading this blog as part of it).
Right, back to spraying the bike.

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Cameron said...

Hi Stewart

Sorry to hear that your paraprotein is creeping up. Mine has been fairly stable since my chemo which finished in January 2008. I can't be sure but I'd like to think that the 8g of Curcumin that I take daily might have something to do with it. It could be worth a try, rather than going through more treatment.

Whilst reading your blogs, I couldn't help comparing your fantastic spirit and attitude with The Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I found the sequence on YouTube. It's meant in the best possible taste, so I hope it amuses you as it did me. Needless to say The King is the beast we are all trying to keep at bay.

All the best and keep blogging