Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Treatment, Ready Brek, Bikes, mini suspensions etc

In at the Western yesterday getting my bloods checked in advance of seeing Huw my consultant on Thursday. Critical issue is of course how far/whether my paraprotein ( the nasty stuff) has jumped again. It had jumped the last time but again, I felt well and didn't want to go back on treatment just yet. Issue this week will be the same-if the paraprotein has gone up will I go on treatment yet. Inclination is to try to get to Xmas with no treatment if I can.

I made a list in the last post( no its not as final as it sounds!!)of things I've been able to do. What I also have to remind myself of is the long list of things medical that the myeloma has forced on me in 5 years- 6 different regimes/forms of chemo and other therapies, a stem cell transplant, pulmonary embolism, 2 clots, slight osteocronesis of the jaw, loads of radiotherapy( some of you may be of an age to recall the advert for Ready Brek which involved children glowing as they walked to school- I'm convinced that after as much radiotherapy as I've had I also emit a light glow- saves on power and my own form of alternative energy!). But you can see the list of things at www.asquithmedical.co.uk if of interest (which is also written on my meditag).

However, I have too much to do and can't go treatment- I've bought yet another old bike- for £31. Its an old Moulton with back pedal brakes and back pedal gears( which I didn't know existed). Interesting man Alex Moulton- he designed the suspension for the mini with Issigonis in the 60s and transferred his know how to the first full suspension bike. Almost as interesting as Harry Ferguson who designed the Fergie tractor- steady on Stewart, nobody's as interesting as Harry Ferguson. I'll post a foto of the Moulton as is just now and hope to post a foto later to let you see the change( I hope).

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Don said...

I visited asquithmedical again.
Isn't it something the TIME that myeloma takes away? I just counted up my doctor visits - 44 of them in five years, and each with a set of labs, often requiring a separate, earlier visit. And I haven't even had a transplant yet.

But that's the price for staying alive and lively.