Friday, 29 August 2008

Post Croatia

Thanks for the comments Don..

We had a great time in Croatia and glad we went. Lovely scenery, great place where we stayed and nice folks. The car we were using only broke down once!! It meant though that we met folk in the village where we were staying. Great fun ( at least for me though Elspeth has yet to find her sea legs!) getting the water taxi from Cavtat to Dubrovnik though the crew could double up as characters from the last of the summer wine.

On getting back- had to go to A and E as my arm was pretty sore. In short, consultant quickly contacted me and I go in for surgery this Sunday to see if they can remove the tumour and put a plate in. This will be my third bit of metal in me - not so bad as it might be given the other lesions in my arms,legs, spine, shoulder and skull vault.

The other news though is that I was at haematology clinic and my paraprotein has remained stable so we're pretty pleased at that as you can imagine. I also feel much better the further away I get from the thalidomide treatment.

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