Friday, 2 May 2008

Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson and Ferguson

Great thing about being on steroids is that I have time all night to write my blog. Bad thing though is that I get pretty tired not sleeping and also don't like the changes in face and body shape ( vanity rules OK). But it does mean lots of free time.

Its a Ferguson week- Barry Ferguson now takes Rangers to the UEFA Cup Final. Alex Ferguson now takes Man United to the Champions League Cup Final. And I've been reading more about my favourite tractor ( quick somebody pass me my anorak!)- the classic little grey Ferguson tractor ( thanks for the photo of the 1950s model Steve). I first learnt to drive on a Ferguson in the tattie fields in Angus and when at school worked on farms driving wee fergies and other like machines- explains my addiction also to the old Series 1 Landrovers. The fergies have a very distinct sound and if you want to hear one used as a musical instrument you could listen to Dougie McLean's " Strathmore" which starts with a Ferguson firing up and then providing the rhythm for the rest of the track. My last Ferguson reference is that its the Anne Ferguson where I attend some of my clinics at he Western General in Edinburgh and where many a coffee is drunk when getting the old myeloma body checked over.

Elspeth and I had news of a good friend who is awaiting some cancer related results and we were discussing how in many respects my myeloma is almost no longer an illness- or at least it feels like that. Its become more something simply to deal with as and when things arise- and with myeloma things do arrive quite regularly and at uncertain times. As I've said before- TMTMTM- There's More To Me Than Myeloma- and I try to treat what happens simply as something to be dealt with and with little emotional hassle. The baseline - to put it bluntly- is that unless I get hit by the proverbial bus, the myeloma will kill me and getting to that point means there are some things I'll have to go through. But I've always known what might be coming and as signs get clearer Elspeth and I have planned accordingly- eg getting rid of the bath and having a wet room; having power tools for everything- screwdrivers etc; making sure I can get to the back garden without using the back steps; having an automatic car because of my left leg and arm etc; even stopping climbing ladders!. So there is less an emotional but more a practical response and it does mean that I can forget about the myeloma and also do my other things. The fact that Elspeth also had cancer treatment means and that she too simply carries on being herself of course suits us both well. I've never been one to chase up alternative therapies etc -though I do think my scatty half brained ideas involving solar panels, landrovers and Ferguson tractors are my own form of alternative distraction- because that has always seemed to me to make the cancer /myeloma the focus which I don't want it to be.

Right, I'm off to book accommodation for the Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival in June- went there last year, had a great time and didn't think I'd be here for it this year. But I am!.

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