Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Past 4.5 years and today

Suggestion made that I let you see my medical record since diagnosis( 4.5 years ago) to see the kind of things myeloma does/can do. But bear in mind - as all myeloma patients will tell you- the experience is very individual and different for everyone of us. Go to which is the link site from my medi tag - if I need help wherever I am the medics can have a look to see my history etc.

Todays little bit of excitement is confirmation ( its OK Helen - just reporting not worrying!!) that I have a very wee touch of osteonecrosis in my jaw with bone fragments appearring. This is due again not to the myeloma( interesting how many of my ailments have been side effects of treatment - my clots when on thalidomide before, my diabetes due to steroids, rather than direct effects of my condition) but the treatment of bone problems by bisphosphanate drugs ( bone support drugs). In my case and that of others the main culprit appears to be the drug Zometa which I had since the outset. I'm now on a different drug because of the difficulty the nurses have in canulating me ( bad veins after all the chemo). So- no surprise as we were heading slowly down the osteo thingy route but in my case there are no symptoms other than wee bits of bone. So on the scale of things I can forget but keep a watching brief on it.

For those of you of a nervous disposition I need to let you know I have to borrow a ladder to fix my solar panel!


BobinMd said...

Glad to see your blog again.

Don said...

Wow - that medical record is quite a litany of the troubles of MM and especially the side effects of treatment.