Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Day 6 cycle 2

Day 6 of cycle 2 and this is clearly much easier than cycle 1 was. Main difference is I think that the prednisolone - whereas it throws my blood sugars all over the place, actually allows me to sleep unlike the Dexamethasone. So I don't have the tiredness to cope with as well as the effect of the drugs. I do still get wobbly about lunch time- had to cancel some lunch time things- and this probably the diabetes and me not yet getting the insulin dose settled as I should. But tomorrow is the last day of week one of cycle 1 in any case and I stop the prednisolone then so that should settle down as well.

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Don said...

So glad to hear that Cycle 2 finds you less tired. Operating above the puggle point.

On a separate note: I know that you do not seek out alternative remedies, but I have experienced one that may actually work for shingles: Coconut oil. To get an idea yourself, just enter '"coconut oil" shingles' in Google or another search engine. It's a well-known home remedy in cultures where coconuts are plentiful.

We just use the oil (must be virgin coconut oil) in cooking. Easy to try, no downside risk.

Again, thanks for keeping us up to date on Stewart and Elspeth.