Friday, 19 December 2008

By popular demand etc

By popular demand I'm posting two pictures of my moulton bikes- one completed( or near completion) and the other not so much a bike as a work of art or a sculpture installation according to our lassie!!

Like my interest in Ferguson tractors what's great about these machines are not just the machines but the men behind them. Ferguson was a remarkable man who thought his tractors might reduce world poverty etc. Alex Moulton was the man who designed the suspenion for the mini in the 1960s and whose bikes were the first to have small wheels and also dual suspension. I could go on!! I think you'll work out without captions what's the completed bike and which the " installation"

Thanks again for your comment on my last post Cameron- I'd be very glad to be smouldering again( for those non patients of you " smouldering" is in fact a technical term about myeloma when before full diagnosis or during treatment the myeloma is not particularly active but is there in the background and not progressing (( I think that's it)). So- Cameron- and as a Scot you'll appreciate this- Lang may you smoulder! In my case, I'm afraid smouldering is a thing of the past and the myeloma is very active just now and on xmas eve we'll probably decide whether to go back on treatment or not. Also - Cameron I would very much like a xmas present and if you caould make it in the form of a Brechin City manager I'd appreciate that! He's leaving to manage Shamrock City!! How could he?

I have my eye on another Moulton!

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Anonymous said...

Hello - Sorry to bother - but I just came across the photo of your Moulton in need of serious TLC (the rusty bits all in pieces) - this is exactly what I am looking for - an old Moulton, complete or mostly complete - rusty, in need of real help to get back on the road. If you are interestd in shipping it to me, please contact me back. ( you can find me through that blog.