Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Last post and Wallis( not the Grommet one)

No - once again not that last post! Simply the last post for a wee while. Feel the need to have a break from the blog and have quite a few things just now. Main plan is also to have another holiday and we are probably going to St Ives for two reasons. One is linked to the fact I like naive art. There was a painter in St Ives called Wallis- had been a sailor and when he retired at 60 started painting. To cut a long story short his paintings have now become sought after but when he died he died ( I think) in the Work House. Wonderfully simple paintings. BY coincidence our lassie who has fallen in love with St Ives has booked up a cottage there for the end of the month. Yup, you've got it- belonged to Wallies. The other reason is of course to go to the Eden project.

Holiday plans influenced by my surgery on my right arm and also possibility ( x ray yesterday morning) that my left arm between shoulder and elbow is weakening. Trying to make sure we have holidays when I can enjoy them before unable to do so. One silver lining is that I'm using voice recognition software more and more and anticipate need it for later on.

So- might have a break from the blog writing- I've also agreed to take on some more work so I'll focus on that. I suspect though that I won't be able to stop writing the blog at all- too much of a showman!

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Susie Hemingway said...

Do have a wonderful holiday - it all sounds so interesting - St Ives is an enchanting place. Come back to your blog as soon as you feel able. It's such a good read you know.
Sincere regards Susie Hemingway.